Edible Essence Jelly from Wild Sea Cucumber

Sea cucumber belongs to Holothuroidea genus. The species is living in the shallow sea to 8000 meters of marine mollusk. It has six hundred million years of history. Sea cucumber take seabed algae and plankton for food. Sea cucumber body covered with burns , widely distributed in the world ‘s oceans . Sea cucumber is an ancient and exotic animals , has many attributes . Edible sea cucumber belongs to genus (Holothuria), oplopanax (Stichopus) and Plum ginseng genus (Thelonota) species. It can be found mostly in shallow water, but sometimes also in deep water  and mainly in the Indian Ocean and the western Pacific. There are more than 1100 kinds of sea cucumber , but only 20 kinds has relatively high economic value.

The essence of the wild sea cucumber sea cucumber came from Malaysia excellent waters . The water has no pollution, and no artificial concentrate is added throughout the production process.  Sea Cucumber contains high nutritional value and health value . It is especially good treatment and bring significant effects to elderly bone weakness and osteoporosis.  The health products is widely welcomed by all levels of users.

unggul marine products sea cucumber malaysia

Active ingredients

  • Collagen
  • Chondroitin Sulfate
  • Holothurin
  • Taurine
  • Sea Cucumber Saponins
  • Glutathione
  • Sea Cucumber Ketone
  • Sea Cucumber Mucopolysaccharide ( Galactosamine, Uronic acid, Fucose and Sulfate )
  • Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, as well as Calcium, Potassium, Phosphorus, Iron, Magnesium, Iodine, Selenium, Manganese, Vanadium and other Minerals

The seven magical health benefits from the active ingredients

Sea cucumber arginine is the main component of male sperm cells and regulate hormone function, and sea cucumber is rich in arginine. It provides treatment to impotence and strengthen the kidney function. In addition, the sea cucumber has a variety of phosphorus, zinc, manganese, selenium , nickel and other elements which is good for human growth,  particularly on reproductive function. It plays a prominent role in promoting the improvement of sexual function helpful. In addition, the sea cucumber contains many elements to improve conditioning and female endocrine , promote the body blood circle.

Sea cucumber contains 18 kinds of amino acids , taurine , collagen , mucopolysaccharides , chondroitin sulfate , peptides, vitamins and calcium , iron and other elements. These nutrients will help strengthen cell activity , improve human immunity . People eat sea cucumber seldom catch cold , because sea cucumber rich in protein , arginine is essential to the functioning of the immune substances that can prevent infections , adjust the body’s immunity, colds and other infectious diseases.

Sea cucumber protein content is extremely high , which is also very rich in collagen , can be compared with traditional Chinese medicine like gelatin and antler. Sea cucumber not only good for blood, but also anti-aging, provides skin lubrication, eliminate wrinkles and facial pigmentation, and sea cucumber is fat free , does not cause weight gain . Sea cucumber collagen protein , arginine, chondroitin sulfate , phosphorus, selenium , niacin, silicon has can provide human longevity , reduce fatigue , prevent skin aging , beauty and other effects. In addition , arginine also contributed to the regeneration of human cells and the body’s ability to repair damage . Sea cucumber is rich in acid mucopolysaccharide and arginine , with a clear regulatory function of the body and fatigue effect. In addition, the sea cucumber in the nicotinic acid , taurine, potassium , nickel and other nutrients have a rapid elimination of fatigue , regulate the nervous system function.

Edible sea cucumber can improve sleep and memory. Sea cucumber arginine has higher content compare to other food. It has treatment for neurasthenia.  Consume sea cucumbers can keep calm and improve sleep. The sea cucumber niacin , calcium, taurine, lysine and other elements can help restore the brain fatigue and enhance memory capacity.

Sea cucumber is high protein, low fat , no cholesterol , and has a lower blood cholesterol and triglyceride effect, so patients consume sea cucumber can help lower blood pressure . Often eat sea cucumber can prevent cardiovascular disease, lower blood pressure, stimulate the hematopoietic function, inhibit the synthesis of cholesterol , regulate blood lipids . Sea cucumber contains vanadium , manganese, potassium, copper , niacin , taurine …etc. It can affect the metabolism of body fat , can prevent fatty liver formation. Diabetic patients often benefit from edible sea cucumbers. Sea cucumber acid mucopolysaccharide activity can help reduced blood sugar in the body , inhibit diabetes. And potassium it contains can play an important role for the insulin in the body. While the vanadium it contents can prevent diabetes.

For cancer patients, edible sea cucumber not only is a good nourishing food , the sea cucumber saponin is an anti- toxic , safe non-toxic to humans , could inhibit the growth of tumor cells. The sea cucumber saponins can inhibit tumor cell division from the action of enzymes , thereby inhibiting the proliferation and metastasis of tumor cells . Sea cucumber toxin has treatment on certain cancer cells to some extent . The Mo element can prevent esophageal cancer, selenium compounds on lung, breast and colon tumors, etc. It can significantly regulate the body’s physiological function, increased anti-tumor activity and  inhibit cancer cells.

The sea cucumber has keratin which can enhance hematopoietic function of red bone marrow cells. It is rich in natural active calcium and can easily absorbed by the body. Regular consumption of sea cucumber can prevent children rickets, adult osteoporosis and bone hyperplasia. Sea cucumber is rich in elemental calcium, phosphorus, manganese, copper, germanium, silicon, etc. Sea cucumber is rich in arginine, lysine, taurine, calcium, phosphorus, iodine, iron and zinc, which are the important material, they are directly involved in human growth and development, immune mediation, wound healing, reproductive development and other physical activities. It plays an important role in the body energy reserves and operation. Sea cucumber contains DHA, pregnant women eat cucumber helps fetal brain development, so pregnant women are encourage to eat sea cucumber. There are many active substances and trace elements can fully guarantee the nutritional needs of fetal growth and development. Modern medical research shows that sea cucumber can support renewable mysterious nutrients, these nutrients can make the body wound repair and regeneration, there is significant value in medicine and

Suitable for people

  1. Sub-health groups: Provide Energy
  2. For the elderly: Provide longevity
  3. Foot knee weakness for the elderly: Give strong bones.
  4. Pregnant women, mothers: The wellbeing of mother and baby
  5. Surgery and radiotherapy and chemotherapy patients: Fast Recovery
  6. Middle-aged women: Anti Aging.

Not suitable for

  1. Do not exceed daily consumption of more than 1 sea cucumber.
  2. Poor renal function shouldn’t eat
  3. Children generally should not eat cucumbers
  4. Rheumatoid patients are not suitable for consuming sea cucumber
  5. Arthritis and gout patients should not eat too much
  6. Colds and diarrhea patients is best not to eat sea cucumber